Information about trash pickup: 

Trash, recycling and yard waste will all be picked up on the same day each week. Bulky item pickup is the first pickup day of each month. Please visit our Bulky item pickup page for details.

Monday pickup – West of N Scott Ave, North of North ave, South of 155th, East of Belton’s West city limits boundary

Tuesday pickup – East of Interstate 49 HWY, North of 58 Hwy, South of 155th, West of Kentucky rd

Wednesday pickup – South of North Ave, West of S Scott ave, East of S Prospect Ave, North of Belton’s south city limits boundary

Thursday pickup – East of Scott Ave, West of Interstate 49 HWY, South of 155th st, North of Belton’s south city limits boundary

The City of Belton will provide each resident with a 95 gallon trash container (65 gallon available upon request). Constable Sanitation will pickup up to 10 bags of trash per week. We do not require all trash to fit inside of the 95 Gallon container. A 95 gallon container holds 6 bags of trash. Residents may set up to 4 additional bags next to their container for pickup. Please set all trash out either the night before your scheduled pickup day or by 7am the day of your pickup. We do not recommend setting out bags that do not fit inside the container the night before, rather the morning of to avoid any animals opening bags and causing liter. Residents may purchase additional containers through the City of Belton. Please contact them at 816-555-5555 or email

Solid waste is the useless and unwanted products in the solid state derived from the activities of and discarded by society. It is produced either by – product of production processes or arise form the domestic or commercial sector when objects or materials are discarded after use.

The following items are not included:

ashes stored in ash pit, part of trees, bushes and soil, mortar, plaster, concrete, bricks, stone, gravel, sand and all waste or leftover materials resulting from grading, excavation, construction, alteration, repair or wrecking of buildings, structures, walls, roofs, roads, streets, walks or other facilities and such items of rubbish whose weight, size, dimension, and shape require more then one able-bodied person for removal. Constable Sanitation is committed to helping you dispose of ALL unwanted items. If any of your disposal needs are listed here, please contact our office at 816-555-5555 and we will direct you to the right location to dispose of your items.