Hello Braeside Residents,

Constable Sanitation would like to thank you for the opportunity to service your neighborhood! We are looking forward to providing you with exceptional service that you can count on every week. Please take a moment to review the details on pricing and service that has been setup specifically for your neighborhood. If you would like to sign up for service, please feel free to contact our office directly at (816) 204-1192 or fill  out the form listed below.

Our goal is to work with the residents of Braeside to meet 50 percent participation within approximately 90 days to secure the following rate:

$26/mo – Trash and Recycling Service:

  • Up to 15 bags of trash per week
  • Unlimited recycling
  • 65 gallon container for trash and 65 gallon container for recycling

$21/mo – Trash only includes the following

  • Up to 15 bags of trash per week
  • 65 gallon container for trash

Year round yard waste pickup is also available with two different pricing options:

$1/bag pay-as-you-go – Simply call the office by Wednesday of each week to let us know that you will have bags out for pickup. 

$30/year 10 bags per week – No need to contact the office. We will pickup up to 10 bags per week all year round. 


  • Constable Sanitation bills quarterly, one bill every 3 months. If you start in the middle of the month your bill will be prorated.
  • We pickup in your neighborhood on Thursday of each week.
  • Click here to review our holiday schedule
  • Yard waste needs to be placed in brown compost bags not to exceed 50 pounds per bag or bundled either by twine or duct tape in 4ft by 4ft bundles
  • Constable asks that you please set all disposal items out by 7am on Thursday in preparation for pickup. Pickup times may vary from week to week. Setting your items out either on Wednesday evening or by 7am on Thursday morning is the safest time to ensure you are not missed for pickup
  • All recyclable goods can be placed in your cart together and do not require separating. We are not able to accept glass. If you have card board boxes that will not fit inside your container, please break them down and set them beside your container and we will make sure that they are recycled
  • Auto-pay is a requirement for service. We can setup auto-pay either by checking account (ACH) or by credit or debit card.

If you have any further questions please contact the office at (816) 204-1192 or by email at or if you are ready to signup now, please fill out the contact form below. Someone will contact you within 24-48 business hours to confirm your setup.

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Trash Only - $17/moTrash and Recycling - $20.50/moYear round yard waste - $30/year

Let us know if you have any questions below