Information about Recycling pickup: 

Trash, recycling and yard waste will all be picked up on the same day each week. Bulky item pickup is the first pickup day of each month. Please visit our Bulky item pickup page for details. 

Constable Sanitation will provide each resident with a 65 gallon recycling container. Recycling is unlimited. If you have extra recycling that will not fit inside of the 65 gallon recycling cart you can use your own cart and set out broken down boxes next the recycling cart. If a resident is choosing to use their own cart we ask that you contact our office and we will mail you recycling stickers to label your container. If a resident does not want to recycle they can contact Constable Sanitation at 816-204-1192 and we will dispatch the Greenwood Route Supervisor to pickup their cart.

The recycling market has experienced several changes over the last few years. A trade ban was placed on American recycling because too many materials that are not approved were being placed inside of recycling containers. Recycling is still a very important service, as it diverts millions of tons of waste from landfills. As a country, if we all work together to educate consumers about “clean recycling,” the price on recycling service will significantly decrease. Please review the list below of acceptable recycling material:

Recycling information Link :


  • Aluminum and metal food cans
  • Aluminum trays
  • Aseptic packaging and gable top containers (milk and juice cartons)
  • Steel cans and tins


  • PET soda, milk, water, and flavored beverage bottles (#1 clear and green plastic resin)
  • HDPE detergent and fabric softener containers (#2 colored plastic resin)
  • PVC narrow neck containers only (#3 plastics resin); examples include health and beauty aid products, household cleaners
  • LDPE grocery containers (#4 plastics resin); examples include margarine tubs, frozen dessert cups, six and twelve pack rings
  • PP grocery containers (#5 plastic resin); examples include yogurt cups, narrow neck syrup and ketchup bottles
  • #7 plastic resin grocery – narrow neck containers only


  • Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeve)
  • Magazines, catalogues and telephone books
  • Kraft (brown paper) bags
  • Office, computer, notebook and gift wrap paper
  • Chipboard (cereal, cake and food mix boxes, gift boxes, etc.)
  • Carrier stock (soda and beer can carrying cases)
  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Paperback books (does not include hardcover books)
  • Cardboard (no waxed covers)

Important notes about recycling: 

We cannot pick up glass of any kind as part of your weekly recycling pickup.

  • Glass can be recycled at Ripples Glass drop off locations. The closest location to Greenwood residents is Price Chopper at 251 SW Greenwich Dr, Lee’s Summit, MO 64082 . The container is purple and sits behind the store. Image below:
  • “Clean Recycling” – it is important that any food or drink containers are rinsed and free of residue before being placed in the recycling container. For example, a milk jug or yogurt tub needs to be rinsed with water before it is placed inside the recycling container.