Welcome City of Warrensburg Residents!

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste services will begin on Wednesday, January 1, 2025.

Large Item Pickup will be the 3rd pick up day of every month.

Please click here to refer to the holiday schedule for delays.

Constable Sanitation will provide each household with a 96-gallon trash bin and a 96-gallon recycling bin.

Pickup day – Please use our interactive map below to view your new pickup day. Click the link below to search for your specific address.

Please click here to view pickup day map.

Approximate locations of collection are as follows:

Monday Collection:

  • All Residents North of US 50

Tuesday Collection:

  • East of Maguire – South of Gay St – North of Hamilton

Wednesday Collection:

  • South of Hamilton – East of Maguire

Thursday Collection:

  • West of Holden – South of US 50 HWY

Friday Collection:

  • East of Holden and West of Maquire
  • Area South of US 50 HWY – North of Gay St – East of Maquire
  • All alleyways and downtown city cans

Missed pickups – Please wait until after 7 p.m. on your pickup day to report a missed pickup. If any items were missed, please call our office by phone at 816-204-1192. RESIDENTS SERVICED ON FRIDAY: Please wait until after 7 pm on Friday (Saturday on a holiday week) to report your trash as missed. If your trash is missed please call 816-204-1192 and leave a voicemail by selecting the dedicated Warrensburg voicemail box when prompted. We check this dedicated missed pickup line at 10 am on Saturday (Sunday on holiday weeks) and will dispatch a driver out that day to collect the missed item. Someone from our office will follow up with you on Monday to make sure your item was picked up over the weekend.

Large item pickup – Large item pickup is the 3rd pickup day of each month. You do not need to contact our office to schedule a large item pickup. Please visit our large item pickup page for more details

Christmas Tree Disposal – Christmas trees can be picked up with your regular yard waste anytime between December and March.

Holiday Schedule – Constable Sanitation observes 6 holidays – New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please click here for details on how the holiday schedule will affect your pickup day

Please refer to the list below for information and guidelines for all of your disposal needs:

Information about trash pickup

Constable Sanitation allows up to 8 Kitchen bags (13 gallon) of trash per week. You do not need to fit all the bags inside of your trash container. Additional bags can be set out next to your trash cart. Residents may also use their own additional container. Please set all trash out either the night before your scheduled pickup day or by 7 a.m. the day of your pickup. We do not recommend setting out bags that do not fit inside the container the night before, rather the morning of to avoid any animals opening bags and creating litter.

Information about Recycling pickup: 

If you have extra recycling that will not fit inside your recycling cart you can use your own cart or set out broken down boxes next the recycling cart. If a resident is choosing to use their own cart we ask that you contact our office and we will mail you recycling stickers to label your container.

Information about yard waste pickup: 

Yard waste is provided year-round. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, vines, hedges and shrub trimmings, tree trimmings, and tree limbs. Residents may bundle limbs with twine or rope (bundle dimensions must not exceed 3 feet in length and 2 feet width.) Yard waste does not include rock or dirt. Brown compost yard waste bags can be purchased at Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes. Please make sure your yard waste bags are 30 pounds or less in weight to ensure we can collect the bags without the risk of the bag breaking open at the curb.

Constable Sanitation is committed to helping residents dispose of any yard waste items that do not fit within the regulations above. Please contact our office for information on how to dispose of large yard waste items such as full trees, fence post, piles or dirt or rock. Please contact our office at (816) 204-1192 for information on how to dispose of these items.